Hail Damage

Hail Damage in Florida

With destructive hail, flash floods, and fierce tornados striking Florida, some might wonder why they live in the Sunshine State. Just a few weeks ago, all three ripped through Florida causing stress and massive property damage. In Saint Augustine, a quiet beachside community that is just thirty miles from Jacksonville, there was a severe thunderstorm warning issued by the National Weather Service. Residents and commuters passing through the area as well as the Saint John’s area were warned of hail the size of a quarter.

This warning was quickly upgraded though to hail the size of golf balls! The severe weather didn’t stop there as reports started to come in of hail that was wider than a baseball. At this point, the hail was lethal in size and all residents were warned to protect themselves.

This experience illustrates how fast bad weather can shift from a mild annoyance to the point where it can threaten your life. Not only that, the damage to property can also be extreme. One hailstorm in 1996 was responsible for $24 million in damages for Florida. How can homeowners prepare for this weather and what can they do if severe weather strikes them?

1. Prepare Yourself and Your Car

Stay inside! Some may be curious to see what is happening, but this can be very dangerous. Residents are cautioned to stay far away from skylights, windows, and glass doors that can shatter under the heavy force of falling hail. Try to close drapes as well as blinds and shades in case glass shatters. Do everything you can to park your car under some sort of shelter. Just a few minutes in a hailstorm can cost you thousands of dollars in damages.

2. Prepare Your House

Most homeowners haven’t looked at their roof in a while. Realistically, how often do you even think about your roof? Give the experts at Taylor Made Roofing a call. For hail damage in the Saint Augustine area or just a regular inspection, Taylor Made can make sure you are ready for any storm. Visit them at An expert can see if you need to replace any worn, curled, or even missing shingles. If the roof is extremely aged, think about replacing the whole thing before the storm season hits. If your shingles are in disrepair, a heavy hailstorm can send jagged ice right through your home for costly damage to your HVAC unit. Make sure you are ready!

3. Insurance

No one likes to think about insurance until they have to make a claim. For many, insurance is confusing and time-consuming. Who has the best coverage? How do you even make a claim if you are hit by a storm?

First, you must know how much your insurance covers and also the recommended amount for how much you need. Next, find out your deductible. Many times, wind and hail damage will have higher deductibles that must be met before insurance will pay out. In the next article, we will cover how to check all these items and also file a claim.

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