Is Copper Roofing for You?

Copper roofing looks great when you first put it on, but how does it look after years of usage? If you live in an area with many historic or older buildings, you are probably familiar with copper roofing. Florida has several buildings that have copper on the roof and people that live by the beach at times wonder if a copper roof would be good for them.

What surprises many when they learn about copper roofing is that many are over 100 years old. With proper maintenance, a copper roof with over ten decades on it can go for another 100 years. Let’s explore this beautiful metal and see if it would be a good fit for your home.

1. Does a Copper Roof Make Sense?

Copper roofing can last for several lifetimes, so why doesn’t everyone use it? It seems to make sense that everybody would want to use it as opposed to an asphalt roof that is just going to go for 15 to 20 years before it needs to be replaced.

Well, copper is a very desirable metal with many applications. Depending on the market price, which fluctuates with availability, a copper roof may end up being triple the cost of a normal roof or even more.

2. Advantages

For people that live in beachside communities such as Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, or Ponte Vedra, a copper roof can be a beautiful addition to a home next to the water. If you are looking for copper roofing in any of these beautiful areas, be sure to contact Taylor Made Roofing. They have years of copper roofing experience in Florida, including Jacksonville Beach and Neptune Beach.

Copper is not heavy so the install can be quite easy. It is also known as a living roof because it will change with time. A copper roof next to the water will age differently from one that is more inland. When copper oxidizes, it creates a very distinct look that is known as patina. Some people like to even oxidize their copper on purpose for that well-known look that is unique. The patina process can take many years, but an expert on the subject can show you how to speed this up chemically.

3. Disadvantages

Obviously the biggest drawback to a cooper roof is going to be the cost and also how difficult it is to find a large enough quantity to cover the whole roof. This may result in people using copper for just accents. Keep in mind, not all roofers have worked with copper before. Make sure to go with a roofer that is going to have the know how to install the roof right the first time. If you visit, you will find they are experts that understand a variety of ways to install your dream roof.

The last thing to consider is that a copper roof won’t oxidize evenly over time so for periods in the life of the roof, you may see streaks while it evens out. Some people really enjoy this look, while others prefer a more traditional look. For more on Florida roofing out of Jacksonville Beach, come back often for updates.

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