Proof of the storm

Proof of the Storm

In the previous article, we covered how to prepare for hailstorms and how to minimize damage. In the article today, we will go over what a homeowner should do if the damage has already occurred. Natural disasters can create stressful situations where it is confusing and difficult to choose your next step. By following this guide, everybody can be ready to make sure their claim is covered and they are fully reimbursed for any losses.

1. Get Proof

To be sure that your claim goes through, the job starts while the event is happening. When something so unusual occurs, it is not always our first reaction to try and document everything, but this can be just the proof that the insurance company will need later.

As a storm rolls in, try to use your phone to record video of the incident. Remember to keep your safety in mind while still collecting evidence for your claim. Once the storm passes, your phone can also be used to take pictures of the damage and the size of the hail. When the insurance company corroborates your story with reports from local weather, you will have the best evidence with both video and photos as proof.

Also, be sure to note the date and time that any photos are taken. If you can create a timeline for the insurance company showing when the damage occurred and then the steps you took after that, your claim has a much better chance of going through smoothly. The last thing you want is to be unsure about when everything happened while your roof is damaged and repairs will cost in the thousands of dollars.

2. Hail Damage Roof Inspection

Before you contact your insurance company, have a reputable roofing contractor inspect the roof for hail damage as fast as possible. This advice should only be followed if the roof does not need emergency repairs. If there are no leaks in the attic where rainwater can cause further damage, having your own contractor look over the severity of the damage can help you if the insurance company tries to downplay damages down the line.

For a roofing company in the Jacksonville area of Florida that you can always depend on, try Taylor Made Roofing. Their website can be found at They always have staff on hand that can come out and check the extent of damage after a bad storm. When you go with Taylor Made, you have people in your corner that will vouch for you if the insurance company tries to lowball damages.

By having a roofing inspector walk your roof, they can also tell you if the damage will even justify a claim. For both hail and wind damage, deductibles are higher than for other types of coverage.

Be sure to also have the inspector collect proof of hail damage in the form of photos and video while they are walking the full length of the roof. They will be able to reach areas that the homeowner can’t and provide a good opinion if a claim is even warranted or if the homeowner should cover the expense on their own. In the next article, we will cover things to be aware of when you have this initial roof inspection done. Stay tuned!

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