Roof Decking

Roof Decking

What is roof decking and why is it important? If you have ever looked up at your ceiling and noticed water damage forming, you will immediately understand how important roof decking is. A quick primer here will explain what it does to protect your home and also how to make sure the kind you choose will hold up to the elements.

1. What is it?

The roof deck is the roofing material found between the structural components and what makes up your insulation and weatherproof layer. To make things simple, picture the roof deck as the part of the roof where everything else is placed on to it. It makes it possible to attach shingles, tile, or solar panels.

Redecking over planks that have gaps is common with older homes. If the decking is not properly spaced during installation, this may also require everything to be redecked as well. If the homeowner can see gaps through the shingles, action must be taken immediately to protect your home from potential damage. The materials used to form the deck should also be strong enough to hold the weight of the material on top of it and people inspecting it.

There are different types of decking material which include steel, concrete, cement, wood, and lab made amalgamations. A waterproof deck coating such as Pli-Dek or Con-Dek can then be applied to improve efficiency. The type of material you go with can vary depending on how much weight the load will be. The calculation must include potential snow accumulation if you are in a cold area, rain accumulation if your area is prone to it such as Washington, and the weight of equipment on the roof such as a chiller or an air conditioning unit.

2. What Kind Should I Get?

Now that we have a basic overview of what the roof deck is and what it does, what kind should you get? It depends on your application. Is it for a residential or for a commercial building? For residential, the common type of roof deck is plywood or a tongue and groove system made of wood. Wood is strong enough to support almost any type of shingle that a homeowner would use, but roofing tile may require extra support because of the extra weight.

For commercial buildings, you will want to use steel, concrete, or cement. These buildings have a lot more equipment on the roof that must be serviced regularly which means people will be walking across it frequently to check on levels and maintain systems. To make sure people working on the roof are safe, always use reinforced materials for the deck

For all cases, experts must be used to install the deck since it holds up the weight of everything else! For a group in Florida that can make sure you have a safe installation and give you a roof that will last, look up Taylor Made roofing. The roofing website is and it is home to contractors that are both professional and quick to respond to inquiries. Come back to this blog next week for even more information on the roofing system right for you!

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