The Best Roof Type for the Florida Coast

Living in a nice, seaside property is the dream for many. Coastal living has always held an allure with peaceful views and easy access to the beaches. Many retirees work their whole lives just to settle down in nice beach communities such as Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and Ponte Vedra Florida. So what kind of roofing material should you go with when you are living so close to the ocean and you have the possibility of strong winds?

1. Changing Standards

Florida is unique with 1,350 miles of ocean-side coastlines that give you access to the Atlantic. It is pleasant to be next to the Atlantic when things are peaceful, but when it is hurricane season, look out! Some areas in Florida have even been labeled High-Velocity Hurricane Zones or HVHZs. This includes popular areas such as Miami-Dade County.

The state of Florida has building codes that show the state is serious about getting ready for the next big storm. Fasteners must be spaced out with precision and be strong enough to hold everything together. Underlayment, which is needed for metal roofing, is also regulated along with a ban on staples which has been found both in engineering testing and hurricane experience to not hold up to the strong winds.

With all of these strict regulations, how can you know who to use when you are looking for a roofer in a beachside community like Neptune Beach or Jacksonville Beach?

Go with a winner like Taylor Made Roofing. Their website at shows the excellent work they can do for your home. Roofing contractors have to be licensed, bonded, insured and have worker’s compensation coverage if they want to do roofing work in the state of Florida. Not all of them will reveal this to you since many like to cut corners. Why go with an unknown company when you can use Taylor Made Roofing for your next project? With years of experience, they know exactly how to make your roof look good while ensuring that it is going to last for years and years next to the sand and surf.

2. Special Products

For those that live in HVHZ locations, they may want to consider specialty products from Union Corrugated who manufacture products with the high-velocity wind in mind. to see their line of products so you can choose what would fit your needs. Speak with a roofer that is knowledgeable and understands fully the codes in the FBCB or Florida Building Code Building.

The wind speed map can change as stronger storms appear. By going with a roofer that understands the codes and the new, updated wind maps, they can select products for you that have been tested rigorously to make sure your home is protected. Using the tips from this article, you can speak with your roofing professional and make sure they are staying current with building trends in Florida. An experienced roofer will be able to answer all of these questions and more so that you can be sure you most expensive asset will not be flying away. Stay tuned to this page for further tips and things to look out for in Florida roofing.

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