TPO Roofing and You

TPO is a single ply system that is the fastest-growing commercial membrane solution for roofing. It has been engineered for superior performance that will last a long time and has the added benefit of being great for the environment. How easy it to install this solution and how well will this system work with other cooling solutions you already have?

Ease of Installation

For experts that have used TPO solutions, installation is easy and dovetails into existing roof setups. There are two common solutions that people can use for even the most challenging roofing. The first is the Fully Adhered System. Fully Adhered is lightweight, but still is effective at aiding in cooling for hot environments. The design flexibility makes this system suitable for a roof with contours, irregular shapes that may appear on many commercial buildings, and any roof that might be compromised by a heavy system.

Fully Adhered is light so even a roof that is limited in load-bearing capacity can benefit from the cooling and cost savings. Make sure the provided substrate is going to be compatible with the brand of TPO that you go with so the adhesives make full contact and there is sufficient adhesion present. Especially in areas like Texas and Florida, it is vital that the material is checked for full compatibility because of the wind storms that come through both states. You don’t want your new roofing system to blow away with the first strong wind!

The second system for installation commonly found in commercial buildings is Mechanically Attached. With the Mechanically Attached System, fastening plates secure you're singly ply membrane and keep it in place. With this method, the installation will go faster than Fully Adhered, so there are time savings. There are no adhesives used or seam tape, so compatibility is also not as much of a worry when seeing if the material for the substrate is going to match. All of these reasons make Mechanically Attached the most common way people add the TPO membranes to commercial buildings.

Bring in the Experts

Now that we have gone over the popular ways to save money on cooling and getting the system in place, who can you trust to install this properly? Go with an expert in Florida Roofing that knows how important a commercial TPO solution can be. If you are looking for TPO installations in the Jacksonville area of Florida, Amelia Islands, or Neptune Beach area, go with Taylor Made roofing. They really know every roofing solution out there and can advise you on the best commercial systems for your buildings!

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