Roof Inspections

A strong storm has just blown through, and you found a few asphalt shingles in your front yard. Water spots are forming on the ceiling of the second floor after a strong rain. It appears that part of the roof is exposed when you look at it from the street.

All of these are very common things that can happen when you own a home. What can you do? Should you attempt to do a roof inspection on your own?

1. Can You Inspect Your Own Roof?

We all want to save money these days. After a violent storm, some may think they can do their own roof inspection and determine if there is anything wrong. This thinking is dangerous in a number of ways. The inspection cannot be done from the ground. There are too many things that you can miss. A second point to be aware of is the average person should never try and get on their own roof to walk and look for weakness. Often times, people do not realize how difficult it is too navigate a roof until you are actually up there. Without the needed training and equipment, you could be risking your life over a few hundred dollars in savings.

2. Going With The Pros

Now that you are convinced to go with a pro, what can you expect? They should do a full interior roof inspection. This will mean they need to travel up to the attic, no matter how hot it is, and make sure proper insulation is still in place, ventilation is still flowing correctly, and there is no moisture or mold growing. Many homeowners will want to move up to the attic with the inspector to ask questions and make sure all three of these points are addressed.

For the top of the roof, make sure a full exterior inspection is done. The inspector should move around the whole house at the ground level, and then make their way up on top of the roof for a closer inspection.

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A few things to keep in mind while the top of the roof is inspected is that it all should be compared to a checklist. Are there any weak areas that sink in when you walk on them which could indicate rot? Leaves and debris from plants can create dams that make it so that rain will not flow off. Have dams been created that could back up rainwater? What is the status of the shingles and how many more years do they have on them? Whoever you decide to go with for your home inspection, make sure you ask these questions and stay on top of the inspection. Your home could be at stake. Check in regularly for more updates!

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