Filing your Insurance Claim

In the previous articles, we went over how to gather evidence for your claim, get a second opinion from a skilled roofer, and also how to avoid scams and fraud from dishonest contractors. With all of this done, it is time to file the insurance claim. The following guide will help you with each step to take.

1. Locate your Policy

If you no longer have a paper copy of your policy, try logging in online with the insurance company website. Most insurance companies now offer the option to print out a paper copy of your policy using their website. Copy down your policy number as well as the deductible for wind or hail damage.

Organize your claim proof including date and time of the storm, the size of the hail that hit y...

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Lowering Your AC Bill

Summer is coming and we already know it is going to be hot! Southern states such as Georgia, Texas, and Florida will take the brunt of the heat wave that is quickly approaching. How can a homeowner lower their AC bill? Studies have found that 27% of the electrical usage in Florida alone is going toward air conditioning! This quick guide will provide a primer on how to make sure your system is working as efficiently as possible.

1. Change your Roof

Do you currently have an asphalt shingle roof? A metal roof might be the right solution for a high electricity bill. Asphalt roof materials have low reflectivity and low emissivity. All of the heat that is absorbed by your asphalt shingles is then transferred to your home bec...

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The Best Roofing Materials for 2018

We have seen many exciting changes in the roofing industry with 2018. Brand new products are being offered that claim to be more durable, energy efficient, and cost effective. With all the hype surrounding new roofing materials, how can the consumer know which product would be best for them? With this quick guide, anyone can become informed and ready to make a confident purchase. We will cover some of the most popular materials.

1. Asphalt Shingles

Making up more than 70% of the roofing for single-family homes, this option remains the most popular. The asphalt shingle is very cost effective for homeowners that do not want to make a large upfront purchase. There are also a large variety to choose from and ...

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Pli-Dek Roofing Solutions

In the previous article, we covered what the roof deck was and what it accomplishes. In this article, we will cover many of the water proof solutions that you can use to make sure your home will be resistant to the elements.

1. What is Pli-Dek?

This is a waterproof deck system that was designed with plywood substrates in mind and has been around since the 80’s. This will normally be used for residential roof decks where plywood decks are common. The system utilizes a metal lath as the backing material. This material is a 2.5 galvanized metal lath and a polyacrylic emulsion base to keep water out. You can picture the metal lath backer as a kind of chain link fence structure that reinforces the base coat applie...

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Roof Decking

What is roof decking and why is it important? If you have ever looked up at your ceiling and noticed water damage forming, you will immediately understand how important roof decking is. A quick primer here will explain what it does to protect your home and also how to make sure the kind you choose will hold up to the elements.

1. What is it?

The roof deck is the roofing material found between the structural components and what makes up your insulation and weatherproof layer. To make things simple, picture the roof deck as the part of the roof where everything else is placed on to it. It makes it possible to attach shingles, tile, or solar panels.

Redecking over planks that have gaps is common with older homes. If the decking is ...

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The Initial Inspection

In our previous article, we talked about the steps to take if your home experiences hail damage. If the damage is not severe, an inspection from a roofing expert can help make sure that your claim goes through easily and without any pushback from the insurance company. However, there are precautions that must be taken when selecting your roofing expert. The following is a guide that makes sure you cover all your bases.

1. Contingency Contracts

Once the roofing company is done recording damages, they may want you to sign off on an inspection report. Be very careful before you do this! This could be a contingency contract in disguise. A contingency contract is defined as a binding contract that comes into effect once a ...

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Proof of the Storm

In the previous article, we covered how to prepare for hailstorms and how to minimize damage. In the article today, we will go over what a homeowner should do if the damage has already occurred. Natural disasters can create stressful situations where it is confusing and difficult to choose your next step. By following this guide, everybody can be ready to make sure their claim is covered and they are fully reimbursed for any losses.

1. Get Proof

To be sure that your claim goes through, the job starts while the event is happening. When something so unusual occurs, it is not always our first reaction to try and document everything, but this can be just the proof that the insurance company will need later.

As a storm rolls in...

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Hail Damage in Florida

With destructive hail, flash floods, and fierce tornados striking Florida, some might wonder why they live in the Sunshine State. Just a few weeks ago, all three ripped through Florida causing stress and massive property damage. In Saint Augustine, a quiet beachside community that is just thirty miles from Jacksonville, there was a severe thunderstorm warning issued by the National Weather Service. Residents and commuters passing through the area as well as the Saint John’s area were warned of hail the size of a quarter.

This warning was quickly upgraded though to hail the size of golf balls! The severe weather didn’t stop there as reports started to come in of hail that was wider than a baseball. At this...

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Preparing for Disaster

It is said that your home is your castle. People view their house as their haven, a safe spot they can always rely on and come back to when they need to escape from the stress of the world. What do you do when disaster strikes? How do you react when a tornado or even a hurricane strips off your roof, exposing your expensive home to the elements?

Natural disasters are on the rise and they are becoming more destructive than ever. How can a homeowner protect what is in most cases, their most expensive asset? There are many tactics and ways to plan so that when you are in such a stressful situation, you can act with confidence.

1. Proof of Insurance

Right after a disaster, you may find that companies are going door to door...

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When you get a new roof put on your home, the experience should be easy and enjoyable. The big question is: How can you choose the right roofing company? Most people don’t know the first thing about roofing. With so many choices in Florida, how can a person pick a roofing company they would be comfortable with to do a good job?

That is where Taylor Made Roofing comes in. Operating out of Fernandina Beach, we are the experts in roofing. With decades of experience, you don’t have to understand the best ventilation system or shingles for your property. Our onsite professionals are ready to help you pick the right setup for your unique home. Here are three things to remember when you choos...

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